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Risk Management

Mitigate electronic communication risk and achieve proactive compliance at scale with Lexverify’s AI-powered assistant.

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Lexverify is an AI-powered assistant that helps prevent legal and compliance risks on your electronic communications in real-time.

Prevent risk

Prevent unintended mistakes that expose you to risks that can have costly consequences

Provide ongoing training

Educate employees on their professional conduct by providing continuous training

Increase productivity

Save valuable time and money and increase the capacity of your in-house team

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Our AI-powered assistant helps prevent a range of legal and compliance risks in real time, saving you time and money, protecting your reputation, and providing continuous development support to employees.

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Prevent risks before they occur

Lexverify helps you prevent electronic communication risks in real time, alerting users to potential risks before they hit the send button.

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Provide continuous employee development support

Lexverify brings compliance training to the source, providing continuous development support and protecting employees in real time.

Achieve proactive compliance at scale

Traditional compliance training is reactive and simply doesn’t prevent all the breaches that can occur. Leverage the power of AI to achieve proactive compliance at scale.

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With hybrid working becoming the new normal, Lexverify becomes a necessity for companies looking to protect their employees.

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About Us

We help companies achieve proactive compliance at scale by leveraging the power of AI.

Our mission is to make risk prevention as easy as spell checking.

Our vision is to create a world where electronic communication is an asset, not a liability.

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Meet the team

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Our Values: GRRIT

We value GRRIT. We are Genuine, Reliable, Relentless, Innovative, Trustworthy.

These values are embedded in everything that we do at Lexverify, from product development and design to customer engagement and service. They guide our recruitment and selection and serve as a compass for the organisation.

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Achievements and Awards

In 2021, Lexverify was selected for the Lawtech SandboxThe Lawtech Sandbox helps pioneering companies fast track transformative ideas, products and services that address the legal needs of business and society.

In November 2021, Lexverify was selected as a Rising Stars City Winner by Tech Nation.

Lexverify is currently participating in the NCSC for Startups programme. The programme supports businesses to develop their proposition, enhance solutions, adapt their current technology and generate ideas to meet the biggest cyber security challenges facing the UK.

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We are committed

to cybersecurity

Members of:

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Communication should be an asset, not a liability

Get in touch today to see how Lexverify could help your business mitigate electronic communication risk and achieve proactive compliance at scale.

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